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The local church is a strategic base from which Christians move out to the structures of society…Therefore, the local church is to minister to persons in the community where the church is located…to cooperate in ministry with other local churches…and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church… (2008 Book of Discipline)

Some local church members don’t realize that they are part of a bigger whole-the connection: an annual conference, a jurisdiction, the General Church, and churches and annual conferences around the world.

First United Methodist Church of Bella Vista is a strong supporter of local, national and international mission projects.

Mission of the Month

Each month, a specific mission program is highlighted for special giving by our congregation. We invite speakers from each mission to attend our worship services to provide information on how our giving helps them accomplish their goals. Keep an eye on the website – we’ll update the Mission of Month each month.

Recent Missions

Congregational Care Ministry (CCM)

The Congregational Care Ministry (CCM) of FUMC was begun in June of 2017 when a core of four CCM’s were commissioned at Sunday Worship. They were given authority to work on behalf of the church and in partnership with the pastors to care for the Lord’s sheep within our church family.

Learn more about CCM

Goat Bank and Pennies from Heaven

We are constant supporters of Heifer Project International through two different programs – the Goat Bank and Pennies from Heaven. The Goat Bank is a specially designed bank that holds quarters. We encourage our members to “fill the bank” several times during the year and purchase livestock through Heifer International.


On the third Sunday of each month, we sponsor Pak-A-Sak. We ask members of our congregation to bring non-perishable food items to church. We collect those items and distribute them to a different helping agency in Northwest Arkansas each month. To date in 2009, members have donated items worth over $6,000.

Shoebox Ministry

Our congregation provides a home for the Shoebox Ministry. This ministry collects toiletry and other items to pack into shoeboxes, which are then delivered to homeless shelters in Benton and Washington Counties. In 2009, with the help of other congregations and service organizations, we were able to deliver over 3,000 shoeboxes for homeless men, women, children and infants. Shoeboxes and other supplies were also made available for disaster relief efforts in Arkansas. Excess supplies (and items that cannot be used for Shoebox) are shared with other programs such as Adopt a G.I. program. Nothing donated ever goes to waste.

Volunteers in Mission

This dedicated group travels to UMCOR’s Sager Brown in Louisiana to provide manpower for there relief projects. This group also responds to disasters closer to home such as the 2009 tornados in Mena, Arkansas.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational Christian housing organization working toward the elimination of poverty housing from within our county and making decent shelter a matter of conscience as well as action. Besides building homes, HFHBC builds relationships with our partners and the community that result in a sense of belonging. FUMCBV helps with manpower and fundraising.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands Inc. is a non-profit organization operated as a partnership of 26 churches from through-out Benton County . FUMCBV is one of the partnership churches. Members volunteer at the thrift store, food bank and offices of Helping Hands as well as participate in Saturday “work days” during the year.

Blankets of Hope

This ministry provides handmade blankets, afghans and quilts to various shelters in Benton County. During its first year, members provided 65 items to the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, Peace at Home Family Shelter, and NWA Women’s Shelter.

Harvest Table

During the summer months, members of our congregation share the bounty of their garden produce on Sunday morning. The Harvest Table allows members to pick up garden fresh produce grown by church members for a donation. The funds collected are then used to support our Mission partners. In 2009, $483.90 was donated through this program, and members reaped the benefits of fresh vegetables.

Special Projects

A variety of seasonal programs fall into this category. Our Missions Team has supported a camp scholarship for a child at Cooper Elementary School. We participate in Angel Tree program at Christmas Time. As the need arises – the Mission Team is ready to respond.
Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year’s Prayer for Spiritual Revival
Bishop Gary Mueller

It’s a new year. A fresh beginning. A chance to start again.
Of course, we say the same thing almost every year and we too quickly seem to end up right back where we were almost every year. Which is why we need to start getting honest. Even if it means we see the truth about ourselves. Like the fact that we’re too busy making life about us and not about You.
And even if it means we see the truth about our church. Like the gut-wrenching reality that we grow smaller and older, struggle to reach the young, and fail to see lives, communities and the world transformed by the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We are sorry, Lord. Truly sorry, Lord. Eternally sorry, Lord.
Speak the truth to us until we understand we are in a spiritual crisis because we don’t allow Jesus to be our Savior and Lord – as individuals or the church.
Help us get serious about spiritual revival rooted in Jesus’ unconditional, transformational and invitational love. Help us pray for it. Help us look for it. Help us celebrate it. And, most of all, help us be consumed by it.
Empower us to keep seeking Your way when we are tempted to shy away because spiritual revival has too many negative connotations for too many people, when we try to engineer it instead of receiving it as a gift from the Holy Spirit, and are lured into using it as a way of saving our churches instead of becoming Your church.
Come, Holy Spirit, come. Send the fire of spiritual revival. Bring us together as the living Body of Christ in a world that is so deeply broken. Grow us into a movement that welcomes all who long to be Christ-followers. Enable us to make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world.
We pray this boldly in the name of Jesus, our Savior, Lord, Brother and Friend. Amen

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Come, Holy Spirit. I yield my life to you in this moment that I might breathe in your saving love and exhale grace into the world. Today let my life be a testimony to the love that I have received through Christ, so revival might be sparked by my words and deeds. Lead me to the places and people You want to bless, I am ready to be your witness in the world. Come Holy Spirit, so I will be able to go in your name. Amen.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gracious God, forgive me when I substitute church busyness for spending time with you and you alone.
Forgive me when it is my insecurities about achievement that drive me to do ministry instead of a genuine desire to serve you and your people. Forgive me when I seek the approval of others instead of allowing your perfect love to drive out all my fears of faithfully following you.
Through all the self-improvements of diet and exercise and time management which I have attempted multiple times, I realize that what I really need is not more self – I’ve got plenty of that – I need You. Please help me to ignore the distractions of life and competing with others so that I can enjoy your presence in my life and let that be more than enough for my life of faith in You.
Guide me to do what I need to do and be what I need to be in order to allow your Spirit to permeate my life. For the sake of Christ, I pray. Amen.